Strolling across the road at Ongava is the Leopard Tortoise. These reptiles' shells are created in such a way to provide shelter and protection, as well as storage for water.

The shells are made of scutes and many people believe that you can tell the age of the tortoise by counting the number of lines on the scutes. It's so hard that it protects the tortoise from many predators trying to crack its shell.

On the bottom part of the tortoise's shell is where it stores water to s...ustain itself during the dry season. When touched or picked up though, it releases the water as a defence mechanism so it's best to leave the tortoise untouched, especially during the dry seasons as it will most likely die of water shortage.

Leopard tortoises can live up to 80 years and can weigh about 40 kg.

When visiting Ongava you should try to spot as many as possible, as Leopard Tortoises are the most common ones found here!

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Coraciidae is their scientific name, but we more often speak of them as Rollers. They are called Rollers because of the aerial acrobatics they perform to display their willingness to mate, or during territorial flights.

Photographed at Ongava, is the Lilacbreasted Roller which is one of the five Roller species in Namibia.

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Oh the enticing sounds of nature! What do you hear in this clip? The imagery may give you a hint😜 🎥: Olwen Evans #ongava #conservation #namibia #etosha #africa #wildlife #safari
Covid Chronicles Episode 14 - Safari Art, Ongava Game Reserve
The call of the wild is strong... so for those of you in need of some 'nature' healing we'll be sharing a selection of beautiful clips by the talented Olwen Evans. Immerse yourselves in the sights and sounds of the wilderness at Ongava. 🎥: Olwen Evans Photography #virtualsafari #ongava #conservation #namibia #etosha #africa #wildlife #safari #lion #lioncalling