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Ongava Game Reserve in Namibia is home to some of the most rare and endangered species of wild animals on the planet. Our mission at Ongava Research Centre is to help protect them.

Cutting edge research into the genetics of Ongava’s rhino population is just one example of how the work being done at Ongava Research Centre is making a difference to conservation not only in Namibia but also throughout Africa.

Through our parentage analysis of Ongava’s closed white and black rhino populations, we are continuing to play a leading role in the conservation and recovery of these species.

Together with research and habitat management, we aim to manage Ongava Game Reserve’s precious natural resources for the benefit of all the wild creatures that share this fragile environment, protecting them now and for generations to come.

Protecting Wildlife - Removing Location Metadata from Images

An easy source of accurate GPS data for the location of rhinos can be sourced from pictures taken with increasingly sophisticated GPS enabled cameras.

To avoid inadvertently providing criminals with this valuable rhino location information wildlife photographer Olwen Evans has kindly assembled this how-to guide.
Please follow the steps set out in the downloadable guide below and share this information.

Removing Metadata from Images PDF Guide (Requires Adobe Reader)

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